I'm Adam Propp
A Jack of all trades (and a master of some).


My last Job was at Palphot - one of Israel's Main Printing shops, as an adviser and supervisor to the Macintosh Computer Graphics Department. (Read my C.V.)

My hobbies include photography computers, computers and more computers.
Don't miss my Digital Camera Avent pages.

I live in Israel in the Shomron (West Bank) in a settlement called Zufim.
I was born in Canada and made Aliyah (emigrated) in 1972 to Israel.
I'm very interested in my Family tree and would be very happy to hear from relatives thru E-mail.
I would like to help anyone who need help in any field, so don't be shy and contact me.
You may visit my page about the Inner Torah and join the lessons given on line or in real.
For a while, put out a paper with "Drashot" on the weeks Parshah. (all in Hebrew)

As I have learned, We must love each other as we love ourselves, that includes Peace too, but the real Peace comes from the seventh day. So as I say Shabbat Shalom Now

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