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Rabbi Y. Ashlag Zatsa"l (Ba'al Hasulam)

Rabbi Baruch Ashlag Zatsa"l

Take a look at the latest idea for "Ahavat Israel"

"Sulam Rafael" - The National Center for the Dissemination of the Inner Light of Torah and Judaism via Ahavat Yisrael.

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    To get a view of the basic Idea of Jewish life as seen through Ashlag eyes, you can download a small project done by Mr. Eldad Sadeh (Sayada) with the approval of Rabbi Daniel Stavski on "Undependable Love" (for Hashem).

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    The Files are in Hebrew!

    Rabbi Y. Ashlag wrote The "Sulam" explaining the "Zohar" written by the Rashb"i Zatsa"l and also an explanation of the "Etz Haim" written by Rabbi Haim Vital straight from the mouth of the Ar"i Zatsa"l.

    You can download a painting of the Rashb"i by clicking on the image on the left. the painting was done by Danny Elhayeni, bassed on the original found in a library.

    Other lessons can be read on the on line lessons page.

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    You can hear Music from The World To Come
    written by Rabbi Y. Ashlag Zatsa"l and Rabbi Baruch Ashlag Zatsa"l here and here

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